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Please note, this form cannot be saved during the submission process and needs to be completed in one sitting.

We highly recommend you review the form, save a version of the questions and your answers on your computer, so you can copy and paste your completed answers into the form.

Have all your attachments completed, ready for uploading, before you begin to fill in the details of the application form.

Please note you cannot save an incomplete application. 


The form will require you to provide the following information. Compile this information before completing the form as is cannot be saved partway through the application. 


  • Contact details for the project team including phone, email and confirmation that they are SA Residents. 


  • Project Title
  • Format, Genre and Duration (e.g. short, horror, 12 minutes)
  • A one sentence Logline that boils the script down to its essential dramatic narrative in as succinct a manner as possible.


Key proposed dates for

  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Delivery


  • Do any of your key creatives come from an underrepresented community? 
  • Do any of your team have any access requirements?
  • A declaration giving Mercury CX permission to use your likeness and name in relation to this initiative should your application be successful 
  • A declaration that:
  • the attached project is a wholly original work that you own, or;
  • you have acquired the rights to the underlying material
  • if shortlisted, you will provide all relevant releases and agreements to support your ownership of the project before the arranged interview with Mercury CX as stated in the application criteria
  • For character-based documentaries you will need to provide a subject participation agreement at application, see attachments needed below under the 'production documents' section.


These will need to be completed prior to commencing the application. There is no opportunity to save a partially complete application. Documents must be submitted at the time of application. 

You are required submit the 3 following relevant attachments.

Only attach a documentary release form and CVs/bios for non-SA cast and crew if relevant for your project. Every other attachment is mandatory and must be uploaded or your application will be considered incomplete, and therefore will not be assessed.


A) Production-ready Script uploaded as a PDF DOCUMENT, which must:

Be formatted in industry-standard format (Courier, 12pt etc.) and include a COVER PAGE that details: The project title, date, draft number, format, name of writer(s) AND the producer's name, address, and contact details. For documentary, treatments are acceptable in place of a script. 


To be uploaded as a single pdf.

A Synopsis of no more than 300 words that describes your story in terms of the themes you are exploring through action and character. The story synopsis brings out the 'dramatic issue' at the heart of your story – the big 'what if…' and keeps a clear eye on what's at stake for your characters. It must also give us an understanding of how and why your story will engage with an audience.


Completed budget topsheet using the Mercury CX Short Project Budget Template. Note - you will need to be an MCX Member and logged into GlueUp in order to download this template. If you have any difficulty downloading, please email us to request the form

A 1-2 paragraph Budget Narrative detailing how the production will be realised within budget constraints and factors that will impact the budget including paid and unpaid cast/crew, in-kind equipment and facilities deals, applicant's financial contribution, other financial contributions, location deals, other grants or donations, etc.


For character-based documentary only, a release form/s or letter of intent demonstrating evidence of access to the subject. Note - you will need to be an MCX Member and logged into GlueUp in order to download this template. If you have any difficulty downloading, please email us to request the form


To be uploaded as a single pdf.

Director's Vision Statement

In no more than 1000 words outline what you are hoping to say with this project. Detail your creative vision including your creative influences. Describe the stylistic look and feel of the film and the kind of emotional response you are aiming for from your audience. Describe how this film fits into your career trajectory and why it is an important story for you to tell. What is your passion for the material? Why are you the right person to tell it? Why is this story relevant and why now? Walk us through your vision and how it will be achieved on a stylistic and technical level. Visual supplementary material such as look-books are welcome.


Producer's Statement

In no more than 500 words provide a convincing argument as to why this film should be made, who the target audience is and why the themes in your film will resonate with your target audience. Detail who you intend to work with on this production and how their skills will contribute to the outcome. Include information as to what it is about this story that makes it worth telling and in career terms, how it fits within your career path.


Marketing Strategy

In no more than 500 words describe how you intend to reach your target audience and how you will promote awareness of your film. This will require a well-considered release plan appropriate to your format e.g. film festival, online platform, audio podcast etc. Provide a list of priority festivals and/or platforms you wish to target (if appropriate for your format) demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of festivals most likely to be receptive to your project. Include opportunities for potential sales. Be entrepreneurial in your approach to ways in which to connect to an audience and be as specific as possible.

Career Pathway

In no more than 500 words, describe how making this project will advance the key creatives' screen career.


Work Sample

Links to complete sample of Key Creatives' previous work and passwords (if available). Please include title, year, runtime, link, password and name of Key Creative involved.


Key Creative Team

CVs and/or bios of Key Creative Team (Producer, Writer and Director) including screen credits/filmography of no longer than two pages.


Key Attachments

Please include short bios of any confirmed heads of department and attached cast e.g. EP, Mentor, Principal Cast, DOP, Editor, Composer etc. of no more than 200 words per person.


Non-South Australian Attachments

Please also attach short CVs of any non-South Australian residents involved in the project.


Once these materials have been compiled, commence completing the application form.

Note: Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. 

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Use this form to submit your application. Please ensure you have gathered all required information before starting the form. The form cannot be saved and must be completed in one session.

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