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We are excited to have you participate in MCX Screenmakers 2021. This event provides an opportunity unique in the Australian screen industry to bring together the market, inspiring speakers, cutting edge panels and all parts of the industry, together focussed on the developing segment of the screen story sector: emerging, advancing and transitioning creatives.

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Career Makers

Initiated in 2020 during COVID, micro-mentoring has proven an incredibly helpful resource for emerging and transitioning creatives and crew. The Career Makers stream provides a micro-mentorship opportunity for emerging, advancing and transitioning creatives to seek career pathway advice. Delegates are matched with a suitable industry mentor for a 30-minute focussed session.

In 2020, we had over 60 mentoree sessions conducted via Zoom. The career mentorship is for the zoom call/meeting only, and there is no expectation for the relationship to be ongoing.

Mentor sessions will happen during the conference dates of September 9 - 11 th, or if you are setting your sessions directly with your mentees outside of the conference dates we ask you to set them within 2 weeks of the conference.


Conference Opening and Mixer
A Night at the PITCHES
Out of the Box LAB


Mercury CX
13 Morphett Street
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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For additional event or venue information, please email screenmakers@mercurycx.orgYou can also reach us at +61 884100979

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