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The application form cannot be saved and needs to be completed in one sitting. Please have all attachments completed, ready for uploading, before you begin to fill in the form.

You will need to provide the following information on the form.

  • What residency are you applying for - writer, producer or cinema projectionist?
  • Do you come from an underrepresented community?
  • Do you have any access requirements? 
  • Agreement to provide Mercury CX and City of Adelaide permission to use your likeness, name and quotes in relation to this initiative should your application be successful.
  • Acknowledgement that:
  • the project you wish to work on during the residency is a wholly original work that you own, or;
  • you have acquired the rights to the underlying material
  • if successful, you will provide all relevant releases and agreements to support your ownership of the project before you begin the residency. 


You will need to upload the following completed attachments when completing the form. Have them complete prior to opening the application form. 


Bio/CV (no longer than 2 pages)


A statement of ambition (no longer than 350 words) detailing:


  • how you hope the residency will help to escalate your career in the role in which you are applying.
  • examples of your commitment to the screen industry, thus far, particularly in the role in which you are applying.
  • the short-term outcomes/goals you plan to achieve from the residency 


A description of the project (if applying as a writer or producer, no longer than 500 words) describing the project you intend to work on during the residency. You should include the stage that the project is at, and (where possible) describe the intended format, genre, duration, intended audience and themes in your story. Also include a brief logline/synopsis of the story and the main characters within it. We would also love to know why you are passionate about telling this story.


If applying as a writer, please upload an up to 10-page script example of your writing in industry-standard format (saved as a PDF file.)

Please ensure you have these materials completed and ready to upload prior to completing the following application form. The application form cannot be saved. It must be completed in one session and work will not be autosaved. 


Use the following registration form to submit your application once your materials have been prepared.

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